A brandnew creative physic game!

 A brandnew creative physic game!

The name of BALABOX comes from the inspiration of balance and boxs.BALABOX is a mysterious, unique game which is based on the physic basis of balance. In this game, the main task is to solve the puzzle behind each level. Carefully put boxes on fixed places with suitable power and exact distance or you will make them fall immediately. Don’t forget to pray a little because sometimes, luckiness is the additive savour of BALABOX.

Gameplay of Balabox is easy to understand but is extremely hard to become master. One of the most interesting and attractive factors in this game is the variety of each level. With the same levels, players have a great number of solutions to complete. Moreover, you can build your own levels by the way of playing with funny boxes and rectangles, triangles, rounds...

Game features:

- Over 30 levels with varying levels of difficulty

- More levels are updating

- Based on real physic basis

- Easy to know the rule

- Hard to be come a master

Just keep calm and play with BALABOX!