Escaptain 2

Catch the hero in Escaptain 2 if you can

 Escaptain 2 – a chance to become the world’s first ever super-villain

Are you fed up with becoming a hero to save the world in too many games? Ever you wonder if you will take the role in stopping the hero’s duty or act like a real boss in a Boss battle? Now you can play as different enemies such as a jumpless , a ghost, a gunner,etc. Be careful because your opponent is getting more smart and well-equiped with gun, ability to fire or fly, invicibility. You need to beat him with your own tricks by utilizing every ability you have in each level. The only thing key in Escaptain 2 is that Cheat the hero and win the game by your own way!

Major game features:
- A variety of well-designed levels
- A large number of level types: puzzle levels, survival, boss fight and more
- Funny story and lovely characters

So, Catch the hero in Escaptain 2 if you can